Home Safety Tips and Tricks from Certified Electrician

There’s nothing more dangerous than making electrical installation and repair a do-it-yourself job. Electricians are skilled professionals with up to eight years of training and apprenticeship before they go out on the field on their own. So unless you’re worried by your own safety, never install electrical lines or outlets on your own.  

Electricity is quite complicated and if you don’t fully understand it, it can get dangerous. If you have no idea with what you’re doing, then you can get electrocuted or worse, start a fire. Anything that runs on electricity should be installed by a qualified electrician. There are a lot more things that an electrician can do than you know. Below are some professional tips and tricks that they want homeowners to learn: 

  1. The main breaker is not your only concern. 

If your home’s electrical system is installed well, then high are the chances that you have miniature circuit breakers installed all over the house. These are smaller circuit breakers that control only a handful of outlets. Unless it’s an emergency, you have to turn all of these smaller panels off before switching off the main breaker to prevent overloading them.  

  1. The best electricians are licensed. 

Licensed electricians are your best choices as they can protect you from eventualities that arise from the service. Many states impose that all electricians are licensed and certified. This is done to ensure everyone’s protection.  

  1. Electricians also have limitations. 

Electricians specialize in electrical lines so they may not be the experts when it comes to washing machines and dishwashers. You can have them check the electrical power that’s running these appliances but that’s just about it. You may have to consult with other experts to figure out the problem, such as a plumber or a more specialized repair technician. 

  1. Prepare the work area and purchase all materials. 

If you call an electrician, expect him to arrive either on the same day or the next day, depending on the schedule that was given to you. Either way, you have to make sure that all the materials needed are bought for if you decide to pick your own parts. But more importantly, the work area should be prepared. There should be no debris blocking the area and no furniture that has to be moved.  

  1. Electricians do big and small jobs. 

Don’t think that you should hire an electrician is only for complicated jobs. If you truly value your safety, you’ll hire only licensed electrician for anything that’s powered by electricity, including ceiling fans. While a handyman may possibly do it, you can never be too sure.  

  1. Have your circuits labeled. 

Ask your electrician to have your circuits labeled during installation so that it’s easier for the next one to make some repairs. Better yet, hire the same electrician who installed your electrical system to do the repairs so there will be less guesswork.  

These are some of the things that your electrician may want you to know. Such helpful information can definitely make you understand the important role that electricians play in our society in general. 

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